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We Won!

We are honored and pleased to announce that our application to the Knight Arts Challenge was accepted – we won! The official description of our project is to, “support artists who want to experiment with electronics and technology through a program that connects them with experts and offers stipends, workspace and a final exhibition.”As our long-time ally and teacher Wil Lindsay said, “ True innovation comes from a synthesis of ideas, and there is no better catalyst than that found through the sharing of knowledge promoted through the Hacktory’s activities and events. This new funding source allows the reach of that catalyst to move far beyond a small room with a few “geeks” hovering over laptops, soldering irons and blinking LEDs. It means these shared ideas can reach a larger audience and new creators, and spread through the Philadelphia region where it can really make a difference.”

We have lots of plans and more details to share that we’ll post soon. What a great way to kick off Tech Week!

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