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Update on HitchBot Funding & Plans

HitchBot in Rearview

We heard back from Nick Green, the creator of the HitchBot Philly kickstarter campaign earlier today. According to him, the Canadian creators of the project are still figuring out what to do, and will be in touch about next steps. In the meantime they’ve asked that all fundraising efforts be put on hold. Nick said he’d like to pause the kickstarter campaign, but wasn’t sure how to, and as of now it’s raised over $4,000. We will add that right now we’ve raised over $900 from 37 generous donors, and had many individuals offer to give us tablets, and some organizations like Urban Outfitters, Dell, and other local tech companies offer to provide materials. We are hoping to get more specs about the type of tablet we need before we make any plans with any one kind. Any funds that we’ve raised above what we need for parts, we will put towards scholarships to our after-school program this fall for kids in our neighborhood, West Philly, who attend public school here.

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