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Upcoming Tech Events Welcoming Non-geeks

Anyone who has walked into a room full of programmers/engineers/geeks when you are not part of that group knows what it’s like to feel like an instant outsider. This may have even deterred you from actually attending an geek/tech event. Well there’s quite a few groups in Philly who want to change that. Here’s a list of events happening over the next few weeks that are welcoming anyone who is interested in learning about coding/developing but doesn’t fit the typical programmer mold.

The inaugural meeting of the new Android Alliance is happening next Wednesday May 25, anyone interested in Android development is welcome to attend, all they ask is that you pre-register.

Random Hacks of Kindness is happening in Philly June 4 and 5th, an opportunity for activists to work with programmers to solve global problems, and they want to break the record for female attendance! Register here.

Pystar Philly was inspired by other successful events for “women and their friends” in other cities. This one is aimed at giving women a chance to learn the programming language Python in a “non-alpha geek” environment. Their first event is June 18.

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