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This Wednesday: Make One of These!

At The Hacktory’s soldering class this Wednesday, November 14, you won’t just be learning a valuable skill that can save you time and money when your old electronics need a connection re-soldered. You’ll also be building your own neat-o gadget to take home, all materials included in the $30 price tag! We’ll have three projects to choose from, all from Lady Ada.

The first option is a super handy portable USB charger housed in an Altoids tin. The AdaFruit flickr group has tons of photos of completed projects — here’s an example of the MintyBoost.

MintyBoost project by flickr user ifrpilot999

Option #2 is a programmable persistence of vision kit. Here’s jpstanley’s Halloween-themed MiniPOV:

MiniPOV project by flickr user jpstanley

And your last option is the Drawdio — that’s Draw + Audio — a musical pencil!

Here’s Lady Ada herself with a quick  demo:

And here’s a less finished version that requires an extra finger to complete the circuit — but the music is so good!

To make one of these projects on your own, join us this Wednesday from 6pm – 9pm at Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine Street.

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