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The Hacktory Door Design Project – Soliciting Your Advice!

We’ve decided to ‘brand’ our door, for marketing purposes and to make it easier for people to find us when we have the Open House and schedule classes at our Brandywine street location.

We’d love to hear our member’s ideas of what design elements we should include on the door! We’ve embedded a PDF you can download to put your own sketches of what should be on the door! Below are lists of the items required in the design, and a few suggestions for other additions!

Minimum Requirements:

  • The Hacktory Logo
  • The Hacktory URL (
  • Street Address Number (1522)

Other Things You Can Include:

  • QR Code
  • Notification Board
  • Blinking LED’s / Arduino
  • Anything!

Download the PDF to your machine, and sketch your ideas for the door design! The PDF is at 1/10th scale, and has accurate placement of ‘non-moving’ elements, like our locks and mail slot.

Once finished your own sketches, scan and email your ideas to contact at thehacktory dot org. You can also leave a comment with your suggestion, and we’ll consider all applications and combine the best elements into our new front door!

Deadline for Submissions is September 30th!

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  1. Steph Alarcon

    I don’t have the design chops for a full sketch, but for a notification space, how about a section in chalkboard paint (east to make from flat paint and unsanded grout) for any current notes or directions? Less fancy than a scrolling LED announcement board…also less error prone!

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