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The Hacktory: Crafting a One Sentence Mission Statement – Join the Discussion!

As a long-time board member of The Hacktory, I’m always asked this very simple question:
What is the Hacktory?

And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m often stumped, or at a loss of words to describe it. I might ramble on about our public events, classes, or our community, trying to find the magic word to spike another person’s interest.

If it’s not obvious, The Hacktory does many things, and trying to capture our essence is tough. I’d like to give them a 5-minute discussion about what we do, but most people want the 1-sentence pitch.

Join the Brainstorming Session!

Next week at our public Board Meeting (Tuesday, July 12th at 7pm, Countdown Timer below), we’ll schedule a short brainstorming session to help get us craft the perfect 1-sentence description. This will also help get everyone on the same script, and offer focus and direction to The Hacktory’s core goals.


Toss Your Ideas into the Ring!

As readers of our blog, you’re invited to the meeting to participate. If you don’t have the time to attend, leave your own suggestions in the comments of this post. We’ll review them all at the meeting next week.

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