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Support NeuroDreamer Kickstarter

We are in NY at the HOPE conference this weekend, taking in talks by amazing speakers and spreading the word about The Hacktory. Just wanted to give a plug for this kickstarter for a really awesome project designed by Mitch Altman, one of the founders of the hackerspace movement in the states. The NeuroDreamer is a spinoff of his brainmachine kit that emits sound in the same pattern as your brain when it’s meditating, to help you experience what it feels like to meditate (and hallucinate without the help of chemicals, if that’s your thing). The NeuroDreamer Sleep Mask takes it one step further and emits sound and light in the pattern of sleep waves, so it is really relaxing, and could probably help a lot of people get the rest they want when they need it. For the kickstarter rewards there are special versions for meditation and lucid dreaming too! There’s only a few days left to support this great project on kickstarter, so consider donating today.

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