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Sparkly New Arduino Class!

Have you ever been interested in programming but didn’t know where to start? Do you love robots like Wall-E, Johnny5 and Curiosity and wish you could make your own? Do you have an idea for a cool new tech tool but aren’t sure how to begin prototyping?

If you are drooling at your computer and nodding your head furiously then oh boy, **do we have just the thing for you**! Feast your eyes on the Arduino microprocessor and prototyping board!


The Hacktory will be offering a newly revamped Intro to Arduino course this month and we would love to see you there.

In this class you can expect a fun crash course on everything you will need to get busy creating with your Arduino. We’ll cover all the key concepts, from learning the fundamental aspects of programming with the Arduino language, to the different types of materials you can use in your projects and prototypes. Our aim for this course is to send you home with a cool project to show your friends, a whole bunch of new ideas and the knowledge and resources to produce some Arduino magic!

The class will be held on Wednesday evenings — Sept 19, Sept 26, and Oct 3 — from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The cost is $90 for all three sessions.

If you are coming to the class with some knowledge of microprocessors, basic circuitry and/or programming, you may attend just one or two sessions for $30 each. Email for details.

The cost of the class does not include materials. We will have an assortment of sensors, buzzers, motors and more for you to experiment with in class. Stay tuned for more information on kits that will be available for purchase.

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