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Soldering/KS Work Party + Soft Circuits, Saturday the 11th

LED displaying blue inside a 3 inch cardboard box

Join us next Saturday, January 11, when we’ll be packing T-shirts and Raspberry Pi cases to send to donors from our recent Kickstarter campaign. We’ll also be assembling the electronics for our LED lightbox starting around 1pm. If you are comfortable soldering, we can put you straight to work; if you want to learn to solder, now’s a great time!

Over the summer, we had an idea to build an LED lightbox for our Market St. display window. We built a 4′ wide plywood case with a 16×10 grid of “pixels”, and we have 160 addressable RGB LEDs to light up each cell of the grid. We’ve also started writing code to drive the display with image files; the first images on display will be chosen by several of our Kickstarter backers. Now we need to solder all those LEDs together and attach them to the case, and we want your help!

The 11th is also Soft Circuit Saturday. We’ll be hosting a contingent from the Fashion|Tech PHL Meetup, who held a cool roundtable on wearables here in December. We will also be featuring a demo using Bare Conductive Paint and a few other projects. Whether you’re just picking up a needle for the first time or you have a great project idea using the newest Adafruit toy, join us from 1-4pm for our monthly craft afternoon.

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