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Soldering Class Tomorrow!

Soldering is Easy!

Just a reminder that if you’re looking for a fun and friendly introduction to the art of soldering, tomorrow we have a great opportunity to dig in.  Inventor and teacher Mitch Altman will lead an intro to soldering class tomorrow at our space at 1524 Brandywine Street, just off the Spring Garden stop on the Broad Street line.  Mitch has roamed the world teaching people basic electronics and inspiring people to quit jobs they hate and follow what they love.  He’s an extraordinary teacher and since he lives in San Francisco we only enjoy his company once in a while when he’s in town.

Soldering is awesome because it’s a basic way to make electrical connections and opens the door to all sorts of electronics kits and projects.  These skills can (sort of) be transferred to jewelry making and even plumbing.  Really, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at connecting small objects with molten metal?

The class fee is $10, and you’ll build a kit of your choice in the range of $10-$20.  It’s an affordable way to learn a skill and go home with a functional object.  Check out our previous post on this class for more details and to buy tickets:  Click me!  See you tomorrow!

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