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Soft Circuits Saturday! plus Open Hack Recap

Before I talk about Open Hack, I want to note that we are having Soft Circuit Saturday tomorrow, Feb. 9 from 1-4pm at 3711 Market St. If you want to try out some wire-free ways of moving electrons around, come by and check it out!

Samples of striped upholstery fabric.

Can you fold strips of fabric into hexaflexagons?

Last night’s Open Hack brought new and old faces to The Hacktory. Some came to chat, to see the space and the tools, and to get a sense of what’s going on here. Our friend NancyLee brought her education students over from Penn to build fast plant terrariums in the workshop. Far had ambitions to get one of the 3D printers running, but ran aground on a missing TTL cable; luckily he has extras at home, so we’ll try again next week. Steph shared her recent obsession with hexaflexagons, bringing examples in paper and fabric. They’re pretty mind-expanding!

Kevin, an Annenberg student, is working on an ethnography of hacker/maker spaces, and dropped by to take some footage of people at work. He spent a while talking to Sarah about her fantastic lucid dreaming wristwatch and what she’s trying to accomplish in her dreams. Christalee and Daniel, when they weren’t greeting new folks or helping people find tools, wrote some documentation for a RasPi-based datalogger project. I’d call that a successful evening; hope to see you next week!

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  1. NancyLee

    OK Steph! I think we will need a hexaflexagon station at the Wilson Environmental Festival. We can collect paper slated for recycling to satisfy the “environmental” requirement while teaching the beauty and fascination of math!

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