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Soft Circuit Saturday Recap

Yesterday’s Soft Circuit Saturday was a ton of fun. Tim brought some squishy circuit dough he cooked up; he and Amy are taking this activity to an event next weekend at the Academy of Natural Sciences. After some trial and error and careful multimeter work, he succeeded in lighting up an RGB LED, but concluded that the dough’s high resistance required a lot of batteries to generate a visible glow. I think he’s planning another batch with more salt and/or less flour.

Photo by Kevin Gotkin.

Photo by Kevin Gotkin.

Steph dug up the silkscreens for our Heart of a Maker tshirts, and printed a striking poster to put on our front door. We also printed purple Hearts on the backs of some older shirts we found in a box, but ran out of time to run them through the heat press to set the ink. So, we’re looking forward to more silkscreening some time!

Georgia brought her knitting, and Daniel brought some shirts to patch, and I continued working on my chain-reaction hoodie, which needs to be done before I teach a class with it. Two Drexel design students who came to Project Night returned, making more progress on their lighting/sensors projects. And Kevin came by to discuss clips to use in our Kickstarter video, and take some more action shots – you can never have enough great photos of people making stuff, apparently. Georgia also worked on organizing and taking inventory of all our materials, which is currently living in a motley collection of bags & boxes, but hopefully will go onto shelves at next week’s work party. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a lovely, laid-back afternoon (especially Steph, who brought snacks!)

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