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Sewing With Circuits, Sunday!

Abby and I wanted to take a moment to write about our plan for next Sunday’s Sewing with Circuits workshop, which kicks off October’s series of costuming events here at The Hacktory! Here’s our plan to help folks get fabulous for our Galactic Gatsby Masquerade:

purpleLight-up fashion has been spreading over the past several years, working its way up from the hobbyist world to the runway, and now disseminating back into the community. Our class is designed to give beginners a crash course in circuits and sewing and a practical guide to working with e-textiles, including the LilyTiny, a pre-programmed sewable microcontroller. We’ll provide materials for attendees to make an LED mask or fascinator, or you can bring your own fabric and work on your own project. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of soft circuits, or ready to add a professional polish to your skills, we hope you’ll join us for an afternoon of creativity and design!

About the Instructors

Abigail Seligsohn has 13 years of design experience in the graphic and fashion fields. Her jewelry company AbiGrl has had international press recognition (Elle, British Elle, Teen Vogue, Nylon, and more) and celebrities such as Brandy and Jessica Alba have worn her work. Since finishing a program researching e-crafting at Penn, she’s been teaching workshops at The Hacktory and 3rd Ward, and currently does graphic design for Back on My Feet. She’s excited to teach people how to conceptualize their aesthetic and use technology to create it.

Christalee Bieber has been teaching electronics in various form factors (squishy, sewable, sensing) since joining The Hacktory last spring. She currently runs the fabrication shop and afterschool activities at the Workshop School in West Philadelphia. She’s looking forward to finally learning enough to make the fiber-optic RGB fascinator of her dreams.

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