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Project Night: soldering, sewing, sysadmining

Project night started off with a visit from a biochemist who works in the Science Center and took a class at the Hacktory. He didn’t have time to stay for the evening, but did offer to help out if anyone is interested in DIY bio. After he left, more people arrived to work on their various projects.

Christalee continued working on the website for Hacking the Gender Gap, mostly the form for online visitors to enter their stories. She also laid out and cut fabric for a pillowcase. My brother practiced his soldering by building a Drawdio. I helped with the soldering, and read about NURBs, towards eventually implementing them as part of the Diagrams library.

Far, with help from Sharp, set up a mail server for himself, as part of a broader plan to be less dependant on Google services. Steph cut fabric for hexaflexagons, and gave me some great advice on where to learn more about patternmaking for sewing.

(Is sysadmining a word? When I spell it like that, it looks like “sysad” is some sort of ore.)

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