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Project Night Recap – August 15

Cardboard enclosure with blue LED and no diffuserCardboard enclosure with purple LED and paper diffuser
The Hacktory window will soon be illuminated! Daniel, Christalee, and Sharp are constructing a 30″ x 48″ LED grid. The board will use a series of individual color-changing LEDs, a microcontroller, and some Python. The Hacktory will display the names of those who contribute to its upcoming Kickstarter campaign – illuminating your support for the mission of art and technology in Philadelphia.

At this week’s Project Night, Christalee and Daniel tested out various grid depths, using handmade cardboard walls to determine how to make the most of each individual light. Understanding the beam angle was key to creating the correct shape. They also tested some diffusion materials. Come learn, share, and see more of this and other exciting projects at next week’s Project Night, Thursday, August 22 @ 7pm! (We’re also hosting Technically Philly’s roundtable on the State of Collaborative Spaces that night from 630-8pm, it should be a full house!)

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