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Project Night Recap 6.20 and 6.13


So I got a little behind on reporting back after our most recent Project Nights. This past week’s event was pretty quiet, though we had some regular volunteers from The Hacktory working on their projects. One of the awesome coders we met at the LadyHacks Hackathon back in March, Jana, came and worked a little more on a web app for our Hacking the Gender Gap workshop. A new walk-in, Tom D. came and we batted around some ideas with him about a tablet device that could help writers, by having a decent text editor and not much else, to minimize distractions. Our conversation meandered into using technology for all kinds of art, and I showed him this recent kickstarter project I backed called the NeoLucida, which is similar to the Camera Obscura, which helps you draw with the use of prisms.


For the 6.13 Project Night we had a few new people, including Tom, pictured here. Tom is working on some hardware he wants to be compatible with apple’s products, and he was trying to figure out how to make a connector that would do the first step of charging an iphone. He read on the Adafruit blog that idevices have tricky settings on different pins of the USB connection, so he was experimenting with that but was having trouble getting the current to flow through his board at all. Fortunately, Pete showed up, having traveled all the way from Miami to visit! Pete had looked up local hackerspaces while on a business trip to Delaware, and came to our Project Night to get some ideas, and potentially go back to Miami and start his own hackerspace. Pete also was knowledgeable about electronics and sat and helped Tom troubleshoot for the last half hour or so of project night. Christalee, another core organizer at The Hacktory, also helped Lyric, a local artist, think through some grant opportunities she might be able to use to create a Manic Machine event at The Hacktory, which we would love.

So, there you have it, two more Project Nights gone by when you could have been here experimenting, learning, or just chilling. Hope to see you at the next one!

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