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Project Night Recap: 03/07/13

Before I recap last night’s Project Night, a couple of notes:

  • We’ve renamed Thursday Open Hacks to Project Night, because sometimes you just get tired of the word “Hack”.
  • Tomorrow is Soft Circuit Saturday, March 9 from 1-4pm!
  • Next week’s Project Night is March 14, which coincides with Ignite Philly and Pi Day! Come by The Hacktory for pie and hopefully a livestream of the Ignite talks, including one by Hacktory organizers.

This week, we had a decent-sized crowd at Project Night. JD brought some oscilloscope probes, so he and Sharp hooked them up and went hunting for interesting periodic signals, to verify that the ‘scope works properly. Steph, Amy, and Georgia took over the couch to polish slides for their Ignite Philly talk next week. Jenna, who created a great visualization with Isotope for the Gender Gap data at last weekend’s Lady Hackathon, added more features and styling to the timeline, and also shared her ideas for an interactive display using d3. Some students from Drexel discussed how they’re using Arduinos and sensors to control lighting in their design project, and wired up some LEDs to test out some ideas for their program. And friends from Prometheus Radio stopped in for a tour and promised to come back next week to build a radio project of theirs. I’m looking forward to hearing more about what people are working on at the next Project Night!

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