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Project Night 6.6.13 Recap

ProjectNight6.6.13We had a great project night last week, nothing fancy, just some standard electronics hacking, some networking, and a little app trouble-shooting.

Tim continued working on his circuit-laden blanket (seen in the background here). Colin, a high school Comp Sci teacher came and got started learning how to program the Arduino since he missed the first session of our Arduino class series last Tuesday. As you can see he was still able to get this potentiometer working, which controlled three LEDs by twisting a knob.

I helped out a member of Quorum who stopped by looking for some advice about an app he is building. Though I can’t say I was sold on using the app myself (it was a way to chat with people in your geographic vicinity), we thought through some steps he would need to get the programming capabilities he needed.

We also had an intrepid entrepreneur interested in hacking the Apple dock connector to charge an iPad with a normally-non-charging connection.

Next week: we may have coffee, or maybe even popcorn!

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