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Planning our next PAFA Installation

Earlier this year we were invited by PAFA to do an interactive installation for their series After Dark. We partnered with Hive76 to shake up the PAFA patrons, which we definitely did with about 5 separate pieces for participants to interact with. We are starting to plan for this again, aiming to do fewer installations but do them well. A group of us from Hive76 and The Hacktory have started brainstorming what to do for PAFA’s opening featuring the work of Henry Ossawa Tanner. Tanner was the first African American artist who gained international fame and recognition, and many of his paintings feature light, like this painting of the Annunciation. He worked around the turn of the century, right at the time incandescent light was catching on, so our installations will be investigating light somehow. We haven’t gotten much farther than that, although we want to incorporate computer vision too (like different sensors computers use to detect objects, people, light, etc). Our next meeting will be at Hive’s Microcontroller Monday on November 14, so if you want to get involved stop by then or email us at

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