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Photos from Saturday’s Girl Scouts Activities

We had a great time this past Saturday helping about 70 Girl Scouts make some awesome jewelry with recycled electronics. We made sure to take lots of photos, which you can see on our flickr page here. Thanks again to our host, Girl Scouts at Penn, and our great volunteers Elise, Jacqui and Katie. We got a great response from a lot of folks who either participated in Girl Scouts growing up, or were interested in what we could offer that was a little different than the regular Girl Scouts programming. Needless to say, we now have tons of ideas of future programs we’d like to put together for them, and are looking forward to working with Girl Scouts at Penn in the future. We also got really interested in the current badges for Science and Technology for the Girl Scouts, which were completely redesigned not long ago. We’re going to be posting more thoughts on that soon, but do any of our readers have thoughts or comments on the science and tech activities offered now or in the past by the Girl Scouts?

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