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Philly PyStar Teaches Python to a Packed Room

We had a great time on Saturday hosting Philly PyStar, a class in learning the basics of the programming language Python for women and their friends. Dana Bauer from Azavea organized the event. All of the instructors, especially Jessica McKellar from the Boston Python Workshop, did an excellent job of guiding participants through exercises and coding games. There were some participants from the first few sessions who came back to help as extra assistants, and other beginners who came from as far away as Brooklyn to participate! The workshop focused on walking users through setup of Python, practice navigating with the command prompt, and then lots of exercises to practice problem-solving with Python (like finding words with letters in specific spots – great for cheating at crosswords). If you missed this session, you can follow Philly PyStar through Philly Python User Group Meetup (or Philly PUG) or on twitter @PyStarPhilly. Here’s the set of photos on flickr.

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  1. Hi Georgia!

    I’m one of the co-organizers of the Boston Python Workshop (BPW) and project lead for OpenHatch that co-sponsors BPW. These photos look great, and the event looks stellar!

    We like to put our photos under a license that permits re-use — see also and

    I was wondering: Would you be willing to permit sharing of the Hacktory’s event photos under a permissive license, like Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike?

    Thanks, and yay outreach!

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