At the moment, the best way to participate at The Hacktory is to do one of these things:

1. Stop by Project Night, every Thursday, 7-9pm

Bring a project you’re working on, or an idea you’d like help with. Or just stop by to socialize and see what other people are working on. If you are looking for specific tool or equipment to use, like an oscilloscope, a soldering iron, a bench power supply, or something else, email us and we can verify that we have the tool you need and can have someone there to help you.

2. Sign up for a class or event

Check our calendar for upcoming events, and sign up for one that looks interesting. If there’s nothing on the calendar in the near future, consider coming to Project Night, check back later, or email us to suggest a class you’d like to take!

3. Sign up to be a volunteer for an event

We can often use extra hands at events to help greet people, sell merchandise, and to just generally be helpful. If this sounds interesting to you, join our volunteer email list. We also have a group of Organizers, who take on more in-depth tasks and responsibilities, participate in decisions, and help steer the organization. Organizer meetings are every other Monday, as listed on the calendar. To become an Organizer, you must first attend 3 consecutive Organizer meetings and volunteer at one other Hacktory event.

4. Make a donation

We operate on a shoestring budget for most things, so every little bit helps. Use the form in the sidebar to donate through Paypal. Or write a check to our fiscal sponsor, The Miami Foundation, with “The Hacktory” in the memo line, and mail them to:

200 South Biscayne Boulevard | Suite 505
Miami, FL 33131-5330