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Programs & Services for Adults

3D Printing

Members get full access to our 3D printers. The Ultimaker is a fine open-source machine for high quality output. We also have a smaller-scale Printrbot for additional capacity. Both are great options to get started learning about how to use and troubleshoot 3D printers. See our full list of tools here.

Electronics Tools

We have several temperature-controlled soldering irons, an oscilloscope, bench power supply, hot air rework station, lots of de-soldering equipment, shrink-wrap tubing, multimeters, and more. Members can access to as a wide selection of components to supplement their project supplies.

Industrial & Regular Sewing Machines

We have a workhorse Singer 241 industrial sewing machine, as well as two high-performance Brother sewing machines available for members to use, as well as cutting mats, needles, scrap fabric, and various other sewing notions.

Inclusive Community Values

We believe everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach, which is why we welcome people of all backgrounds and skill sets to learn together within our community. We aim to provide a place where experts can meet like-minded technology enthusiasts, and where beginners can get the help and encouragement they need to make their projects happen. Read our social rules to learn more.

Kid's Programs

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Kid's Club

Grades 3-5

Test Kitchen

Grades 6-8