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Open Source 3-D Printing with Hive76

The Philadelphia Area Computer Society‘s next meeting will feature members of Hive76 to demo an open-source 3-D printer. The meeting is at the Community Center at the Super Giant Food Store of Willow Grove (315 York Road) on Saturday September 17th at 8 AM. If you can make it out there that early, you can have them ‘print’ any 3D object with Blender (preferred) or Google Sketchup. Of course if you’re a more nocturnal hacker (as most of us are)  you can always stop by Hive’s open house on Wednesdays from 8:00 to 10:30 pm to check out their printers. If you’re feeling very brave you can also try to fire up our 3-D printer at some open house too, but be prepared to lose fistfuls of hair and experience dangerous spikes in blood pressure.

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