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Open Hack Recap: 02/21/13

Photo courtesy of Tim Bieniosek.

Photo courtesy of Tim Bieniosek.

Last week at Open Hack, we had a good crowd of folks eager to share their interests and check out the facilities. Sharp brought some cool toys to show off: a bottle opener fresh from his brand new 3D printer, and an old GameBoy that he’s reprogrammed to play chiptunes. Several folks mentioned their own synthesizer/audio projects; maybe we should hold a synth-focused workshop or project session? Tim brought his quilt, which has a grid of LEDs wired into it plus a thermistor to change the glowing spectrum towards the red as the blanket warms up. He spent the evening adding a top layer to the quilt, to protect the wiring and create a gentle frosted effect.

Daniel and I finished soldering up a perfboard we’re using for a RasPi/MCP3008 environmental sensing project. (More details after we install it tomorrow!) He also found a bag full of parts for a 3D printer, which brings the total up to 4: a CupCake, a Bits from Bytes, an unidentified syringe-extruder model, and this unassembled bag of parts. Any 3D printer enthusiasts want to come by and help us get these up and running? Once we do, maybe we can invite more printers over and have a 3D printing race!

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