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Old & Busted, Meet the New Hotness…

We’ve changed to a new web hosting platform, supported by WordPress, which allows easier group editing of pages and content, plus offers a stable server environment, not as crash-prone as our last version of the site.

Leave a comment if you think we’re missing important content from the old site, as it’ll still be available for a month or so while we hand-convert the content from the old Drupal install into the new WordPress site.

On another note, we also now have a Wiki setup on this server to allow our Members easy access to the free shared online working space. Use it as a ‘virtual meeting room’ or bulletin board for whatever purposes you decide! We ask you help maintain our Wiki by deleting and banning spam when you see it. Check out the Hacktory’s (Empty) Wiki!

For now, all requests to the old hosted version of the web site use this new URL:

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