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New Event: Max Project Session


Have you started messing around with Max (previously known as Max/MSP/Jitter), only to find yourself frustrated and confused? Feel like you’ve exhausted what you can learn from the tutorials, or that you’ve just hit a wall? This class is for those who are familiar with the Max environment, and have a specific project they need help moving forward with. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Max is a graphical programming environment — an application that allows you to create your own software, using a toolkit of user interface objects, (learn more at Through the use of additional hardware, like sensors and actuators, Max can be made to interact with the physical world and create complex, interactive, multimedia experiences.

Our instructor, Ashley John Pigford, is a designer operating at the intersection of technology and typography with some years of experience working with Max/MSP. He teaches in University of Delaware’s Department of Art – a second career after running a design studio in Los Angeles.

Ashley is donating his time for this workshop. We are charging a nominal fee to encourage people to show up on a potentially sunny summer day. When you register, be prepared to share a brief description of your project. This will help Ashley come prepared with resources that will be relevant and helpful. We won’t share your project idea with anyone else, though you will be encouraged to network and share as you feel comfortable with other class participants. We are keeping this class small though, with only 5 slots available to maximize the time Ashley can spend one-on-one with participants. If you don’t have a project right now but would love to take this class, consider looking up an awesome project that you might want to replicate. You’ll definitely learn a lot in the process. Be sure to register soon, slots will fill up fast!

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