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New Class: Understanding Data


Graphs are essential not only for communicating about data, but for discovering patterns in the first place. Good graphs make both these tasks easier, and making good graphs requires good tools. Python has excellent tools for making graphs and manipulating numerical data. Come learn to use Python to explore large datasets and make beautiful graphs.

RSVP ($60)

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We will use several freely available datasets drawn from the US Census, polling, and weather. If you have a particular set of data you want to look at, please bring it also. The main focus of the class is the graphing library matplotlib. We will also use numpy, statsmodels, and pandas in supporting roles. Some prior experience with Python is assumed; please contact the instructor at if you have any questions.

The class costs $60 for a total of 6 hours, and suitable for ages 13+. We meet from 7-9pm on Tuesday April 16, 23, and 30. Please bring your own laptop. You can install the required software at the start of the first class; instructions will be sent out beforehand for the adventurous.

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