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Need parts? It’s hamfest season!

Ever hear of a hamfest?  Ham radio hobbyists are radio communications hackers with a century-old culture of building cool electronics gear and sharing tech info.  They’re truly the first electronics hackers.

In warmer months, hams gather outdoors in rural settings to socialize and buy & sell surplus electronic parts, electronic test equipment, radio gear, and amazing equipment you’ve never seen before.  Basically, hamfests are flea markets for hardware hackers–-where you can find great parts and gear dirt cheap!  You can learn a lot perusing a hamfest and striking up conversations with the friendly people there.  Just by asking, “What is that thing?” you’ll learn something new.

This Sunday July 17 the annual Valley Forge Hamfest in beautiful Kimberton, PA starts at 8:00am(!) and lasts till early afternoon.  You’ve got to be an early bird to get the worm–-but it’s so worth it for a real geek fix!   Here’s the details:

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