Memberships Start at $15 per Month

Unlimited Access on a Sliding Scale

We invite all people interested in contributing to and using the Hacktory to become a member. A membership is a signal to the rest of us that you want to participate in our community on an ongoing basis, and it also pays for our rent, utilities, and other expenses. A membership also gives you access to our space and equipment on nights other than Thursday, access to our Slack channels, discounts for our classes and the ability to participate in some of our events for free.

In alignment with our mission to improve access to tools and our space, we offer memberships on a sliding scale in increments of $5. We suggest $60 per month, but you can pay as low as $15 per month if a higher priced membership is prohibitive. If you plan to be using the space a lot or just really want to help fund what we do, we suggest as high as $150 if you have the means.

Contact us by e-mail or by chat for more info.



Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11 am – 5 pm Member Co-Working | 5-10 pm Member Access
Wednesday: 5-10 pm Member Access
Thursday: 5-7 pm Member Access, 7-9 pm Project Night
Friday: Open via Member reservation
Saturday & Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm Member Access

Members and the general public can always come to Project Night for free. Members can also attend our weekly including Saturday Soldering, and Sunday Sewing for free.

See our complete list of tools here


Terms & Conditions

All members will need to sign an insurance waiver and agree to follow our social rules when they sign up.

Member Tool Rates

Laser Cutter:

Rates (all rates are charged in quarter hour increments):

Setup (first file or up to an hour, additional charges for the next hour): $15/hr

File preparation (if the design isn’t provided ready-to-cut): $30/hr

Cutting/Etching: $20/hr

Setup and file prep rates can be avoided if member takes and completes the laser cutting intro course, and doesn’t need assistance with set up or file prep.

Please note: we reserve the right to charge the full rate for cutting ($40/hr) if a member is using the laser cutter for non-personal projects. This is mostly to keep the tool available and easily accessible for all members.