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Manic Machine: Artists Wanted!

This post comes from Lyric Prince, who’s recently contacted the Hacktory about her next round of Manic Machine participatory art events. Artists who want to make some large interactive art with crowd participation: read on!

Manic Machine, an interactive art installation series that travels around the city of Philadelphia, is currently looking for artists and designers who are interested in creating large scale works. Not only will artists create in front of a live audience, they’ll do it with their help as well.

Here’s how it works:

Manic Machine is about beating the clock as well as crowd participation. Each event will be 4 hours long, during which materials are provided for the group to construct a work of art. Manic Machine attendees will work in groups of 4 to act in different shifts of “assistants”. Each assistant team will follow the leading artist’s directions in order to learn how to build their artwork according to specifications. As the art piece grows, more and more participants get the chance to help create something awesome that otherwise would not be possible to build in such a short time.

In short, Manic Machine is about:

If you have an awesome project that would fit within the Manic Machine show structure, or would just like to learn more, contact Lyric for more information. Also check out the official ManicMachine site, with past shows, photos, and animated GIFs detailing the process in action.

Feel the energy!
— Manic Machine Team

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