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Make your Year-end Tax-Deductible Donations to the Hacktory!

The Hacktory is about to celebrate our 4th Anniversary, and we have been re-evaluating our mission and found that we are more committed than ever to build the organization into a stable, sustainable institution that provides opportunities to learn about and understand technology, and inspire you to use it creatively in whatever ways you can imagine.

We are planning our 5th year to be bigger and better than ever, and we could use your support. A donation of any amount, $5, $50, $100, $500, $1000, will be a big help for us. Funds would go to various improvements to our space like repairing old windows, promoting new programs we are planning for the winter and spring, and we would like to start saving up for a laser-cutter.

To donate, simply click the Donate button below, and enter your donation amount. We’re thankful for all your help in keeping our events and classes going in 2012!

All donations are tax-deductible thanks to our sponsor Nonprofit Technology Resources

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