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LED Stick Figure Costume!

Hey Everyone!!
Here is a simple, fun, and really comical Halloween costume you can make for yourself, your kid or both!

I came across it while searching for fun and easy things to make and do for Halloween.

The glow in the dark stick figure costume!!  Check it out below- some easy to less easy how to tutorials, as well as some funny pics of people wearing them.


Here is a super simple one using just glow tubes:


Here is one with a bit more sophistication that lasts for more than just one night, using LED lights:


Here is where to buy one, but who wants to do that?

You can MAKE it ON YOUR OWN.

The best part about this costume is that it looks really funny in the dark when a person wearing it makes it animated, and you can also alter it for any sized human, from toddler to adult!





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