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Laser cutter File Preparation Resources

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The laser cutter is a really awesome tool, and presents a wide range of opportunities to enhance your creativity and what you can make. More and more people have been stopping by or inquiring about how to get started with the laser cutter, so we have gathered some great reference videos here to help on-board people. These videos walk you through the differences between raster and vector graphics, and go over how to prepare files in Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape, which is a free open-source alternative. Many offer overlapping information, but they are all helpful to give a comprehensive understanding about file preparation.

Once you have watched all of those, you might want to check out this Handy Guide with Advanced Tips and Tricks, which has a lot of great detailed info about small tweaks to make to your files or for cutting/etchings specific materials.

There are also some good reference videos about Retina Engrave, which is the software we use with our Full Spectrum Laser.

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