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Join us for Mentorhacks July 20th

We’re very excited to be hosting MentorHacks, a one day community codefest and skillshare framed around creating a space for experienced and inexperienced technologists. This event is being organized by the Urban Technology Project which is also the entity behind the Digital Service Fellows. UTP is organizing Mentorhacks because “The learning curve and bar to entry can be high for many people that are interested in learning how to create inelegant solutions to community challenges. MentorHacks aims to be a welcoming and affirming space for people of a variety of backgrounds and experiences to create together.” If you’re new to programming or hackathons, this is the event for you. Anyone from any background or skill level is welcome. They are also still looking for mentors with knowledge of programming and design, so if you’re interested in that, email mentorhacks AT

There’s also a launch event at Barcade on July 18th (21+ only), and you can register for that here.

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