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Intro to Soldering, 7 August

Soldering is Easy!

Join us on August 7 and learn the basics of melting metal in this hands-on class. If you still haven’t picked up an iron, now’s the time!

Soldering is a basic way to make durable electrical connections and opens the door to all sorts of electronics kits and projects. These skills can (sort of) be transferred to jewelry making and even plumbing. Really, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at connecting small objects with molten metal?

Each student will assemble and solder a kit. We will have at least the following available:

MiniPOV (blinking LEDs, persistance of vision)
MintyBoost (charge your USB enabled gadgets!)
And for the more advanced:
Microcontroller programmers (program all your AVR family chips!)

The price includes one of the kits above. If you prefer to bring your own kit to assemble, we can refund the $20 kit fee at the door. Ages 13 & up; 10-12 with accompanying adult.

Wednesday, 7 July, 6pm-9pm

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