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Intro To Processing begins Tuesday July 8

Several weeks ago we had a sell-out session for Intro To Programming For Artists, Musicians and Other Creatives! And now we are excited to host Intro To Processing beginning this Tuesday July 8.

Processing is an MIT-designed, free and open source programming language with a huge community of artists and musicians based around it. It is built on top of Java and is designed to be a “first programming language” but also a powerful one. Our class is a beginner-friendly tutorial and a great first step for artists interested in learning to program and explore what creative coding can do. No previous programming experience is required. In 3 sessions, we’ll review the basics of creating a program from scratch, do hands-on exercises, and be building our own programs and projects much quicker than you’d think possible.

Processing is used to create projected stage designs for dance and music performances; to generate images for music videos and film; to export images for posters, magazines, and books; and to create interactive installations in galleries, in museums, and on the street.

Our class will be taught by Tim Bieniosek, who teaches at The Hacktory and at Philadelphia University’s Digital Innovation Design program. Our last Processing classes in the fall were also taught by Tim and sold out. We currently have several spots available in Tuesday’s intro workshop. If you haven’t yet signed up, don’t miss it! Tickets can be purchased here.

-image by Andreas Schlegel
Processing example

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