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Arduino Electronics Workshop

Intro to Arduino Workshop Jan 25 – Feb 8

Arduino Electronics Workshop

In this class you can expect a fun crash course on everything you will need to get busy creating with your Arduino. We’ll cover all the key concepts, from learning the fundamental aspects of programming with the Arduino language, to the different types of materials you can use in your projects and prototypes. Our aim for this course is to send you home with a cool project to show your friends, a whole bunch of new ideas and the knowledge and resources to produce some Arduino magic! We have a limited number of laptops available that you can use during class, though we recommend installing Arduino on your own laptop so you can hack away in between sessions.

This course runs from Wednesday Jan 25-Feb 8 from 6:30-8 pm. Fee for all 3 sessions is $120, which does not include materials. We offer a kit with the Arduino for $45, and without the Arduino for $15. Experienced programmers can take the 2nd or 3rd sessions for $45 as well.

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