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How to Cast a Gummy Bear Axe


What do you get when you cross a 5 lb bag of gummy bears, 13 oz of resin, and a wicked sharp double axe head? Sounds to me like a really bad idea…

Now, the amount of new things that I did in this are just too much for me to type up easily in one Instructable. I want to apologize for that right now. I just cannot take it on, and the write up would be incredibly long.

So instead, this is a higher level overview of the process. I glaze over some of the mold making material and I skip cleaning up the axe head altogether. Those steps are explained in more detail in the video.

Here’s the long and the short of it. I bought an axe at a yard sale 3 years ago for $2. I had always intended to make a video on replacing the handle. The gummy bear in resin idea struck me as a hilarious idea on such a macho tool. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress up like a lumberjack, grow a full beard and wield a gummy bear axe.


Step 1: Find a perfectly good axe, and dress up like a lumberjack. It should be noted the only reason I have a full beard is that I intentionaly grew it just for this video. I like it, so I might keep it for a while.

Step 2: Remove wedge thus separating axe head from axe handle. This was easier said than done. It took quite a bit of coaxing, but I ended up using a 1/4″ drill bit to bore a hole on either side and thus wedging loose the wedge.

Step 3:Cover entire axe handle in packing tape. PACKING. TAPE. NOW. The reason for the tape is to make sure that the mold material doesn’t adhere to the axe head, and that there are no holes (like the two on top) that would change the overall shape of the mold

Step 4: Find a cardboard box to be used for the mold. The guy at the plastic store assured me this would work. And it mostly did. Except that it stuck to the mold and took a lot of work to remove later.

Step 5: Turn box into pig trough that will hold the axe handle. It just needs to be water tight. So seal up the holes. After doing this once, I think hot glue would have worked better for this step than packing tape. I did spring a small leak was it was an easy fix.


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