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Holiday Crafts Series- Soft Circuits


Miss Allison and Miss Kim have been doing workshops for kids on and off at the Hacktory since they met a few years ago.  They always have a great time and so do the kids!  This past weekend was no exception to that rule.  They hosted a winter/ holiday craft workshop where participants made a soft circuit something- either a snowman, tree, or menorah, just to name a few ideas that came up.  Then, they lit them up with a simple circuit that Miss Allison conceived and mapped of on the white board.  Both kids and parents got in on the fun!


Does a holiday family craft workshop seem fun to you?

Well you are in luck because we have one coming up this Sunday 12/18 from noon to 2!  Come and build a decorative Robanukah Robot!!

These examples will make you smile, but making your own will make you smile even more!

Please register here and Happy Robanukah:


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