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Hardware Bootcamp Coming This Summer!

We are thrilled to announce that we have won a Call for Ideas grant from StartupPHL. We will use these funds to create a comprehensive Bootcamp series to cover a wide range of maker technologies and hardware in a series of evening classes this summer!

We know that the hottest topics in the tech world today include electronic wearables, Internet of Things and smart devices, online privacy & security, 3D printing, and sound production for podcasting. Training in these topics for busy professionals is sporadic, expensive, or non-existent. Though more information than ever exists online aiming to teach these subjects, learning in person always produces better results, especially when physical objects are the focus. We want to expand on the basic intro classes we already offer and take a much deeper dive into these topics, and now we will finally be able to offer that to you, our loyal community.

Our program would run for 6 weeks, on the evenings and weekends. Each week would feature a theme taught by one or more experienced technical educators. With the support of this grant, we will be able to offer scholarships to artists and educators to participate. This series draws inspiration from NYU’s ITP Summer Camp, which provides a similar month-long bootcamp in these and other topics related to creative and entrepreneurial applications of technology.

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to find out when the full schedule is posted, and when applications are open.

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