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Hacktory E.D. named #1 Arts and Culture Social Innovator!


Congratulations to our Executive Director, Georgia Guthrie!  She was named #1 Arts and Culture Social Innovator last week in the greater Philadelphia region by the Social Innovations Journal.  High five to all the finalists and thank you to the Social Innovations Journal.

Here is some information about the specifics of this year’s award, from their website:

The Social Innovations Journal believes that the potential for good ideas to inspire more good ideas cannot be underestimated. The value that entrepreneurs and innovators bring to local communities and regions across the nation is often, to our collective societal detriment, overlooked. (With this award) we honor and celebrate our regions social innovators.

The theme of these awards are “Make New Friends, But Keep The Old” symbolizing the shift in generational leadership as the millennial generation is pushing all of us to redefine the social sector AND a shift as both non-profits and for-profits move toward social enterprise and impact.

More info about the Awards and journal here:

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