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Hacking the Gender Gap Resource List

Projects that train and/or support women coders and sysadmins:

  • PyStar: Python Programming Workshops for Women and Their Friends.
  • RailsBridge:  Ruby on Rails inclusive communities.
  • GNOME Foundation Outreach Program for Women:  3 month, work-from-home, paid internships with open source projects
  • An Archive of Our Own, archive of transformative works.  Large number of women coders.
  • Hacker School, a free self-directed programming retreat with an explicit mission to create an environment to support female participants at any level
  • Dreamwidth: a fork of the Livejournal code, a blogging platform.  Large number of women coders
  • Systers: “Systers is the world’s largest email community of technical women in computing.”
  • Linux Chix: Support for women Linux users
  • Lilypad Arduino, a sewable microcontroller
  • Top Secret Rosies:  A documentary and educational packet about the female “computers” of WWII who were the first programmers of ENIAC.  By Phila filmmaker LeAnn Erickson.  Full feature film available from PBS

The gender gap in education and careers

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