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Guest Post: Marcel W. Foster

Today’s guest blog post comes to us from Marcel W. Foster, one of the 6 new Unknown Territory Artist-In-Residents.

A group of six geeks. Six geeks who all have unique and impressive experiences working in the arts and engaging technologies:

    wiring “old” technologies to do new things (e.g., cassette players with arduinos)
    conversations about the actual brain wavelengths emitted during communications and various technologies that empirically measure this
    fermentation and sculpture
    Coding wearable fabric designs
    GPS-triggered apps that amplify sound experiences based on your location

And the list goes on.

I applied to be a Hacktory residency so that I could do what I love most: to creatively play with science. It’s comforting to know that in this city alone there are at least five others working in the same vein but in different disciplines; and get as excited as me when contemplating the interface of choreography, systems logic, and software coding. One month in feels like a kind of curated tree house club where we come to share stories on topics that only we could get excited about. In addition to this is the awesome resource of simply working and sitting at the Department of Making and Doing. I come here now instead of the coffee shop (1) because it’s free (2) because it has endless scientific tools and accoutrements that excite me just by looking at them (3) because after feeling so isolated as a choreography/science geek for years on end–it feels pretty damn validating to finally be a part of a tree house club of like-minded people.

In about two hours I’ll be presenting an informal workshop on “immersive games,” along with my partner-in-crime Don Xu of Philadelphia Game Lab. Our goal is to get other so-called art geeks in the room, play some sample games, and then give us feedback on the game we’re developing (here‘s a draft one trailer of the beta version, titled GPSBodies). It’s awesome to have a platform to openly and informally present our “blueprint” thoughts and get feedback so early in the process. What’s more–it’s awesome to know that really anyone is allowed in the tree house so long as they want to be there.

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