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Guest post: Artist-In-Resident Max Lawrence

Our 6 Philly-based Unknown Territory Artist-In-Residents have been hard at work for the past 2 months. They are taking workshops, learning to code, and working toward building a larger art and technology project to present publicly in an exhibition in December. Our residents are all accomplished artists that want to expand their knowledge of and exploration of new technology. In the next week we’ll have guest blog posts from all of our artist-in-residents. The first comes from musician and artist Max Lawrence.-Lee T.

Max Lawrence face

Its difficult to contain my enthusiasm for the opportunity the Hacktory has given me.

The Hacktory has really put together an excellent group of artists for this residency. The residents have quickly become a critical part of my learning process. The diversity of our artistic backgrounds has generated a large combined foundation of fundamentals skills for us to draw on. That, in conjunction with our individual project goals , allows us to cover a broad range of interests in our own explorations. Ultimately, though, the Hacktory’s ethos of communication without pretension is what has facilitated this super awesome exchange I’ve been experiencing.

The first challenge for me has been taking a computer coding class online. Its a completely new way of learning for me. Though initially intimidating , as well as incredibly skeptical , my reservation have quickly faded away. The course is excellent in its approachability as well as incorporation of excellent examples of artists utilizing coding successfully , exposing me to a better comprehension of the fine art of computer coding. It has also exposed a major whole in my understanding of basic Trigonometry functions. Geez….

It has been made apparent by taking this class that my ability to solve mathematical equations has absolutely nothing to do with my comprehension of mathematical equations. So enter the Twins, Sine and Cosine… and their parents Angle and Radian. Mostly a battle of attrition, my resolve has been unshakable and Processing 2.0 is allowing for me to explore the relationships between visual and aural arts like never before. It’s incredibly gratifying. I have included some sketchbook pages and code explorations. -Max Lawrence

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