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Great start to tech week with light sabers

light graffiti HEY

We had a blast over the weekend kicking off Philly Tech Week with tons of light hacking! From kaleidoscopes to a room-size camera obscura, we had lots of activities to explore optics and learn about the tools some artists have been using for centuries to create more realistic images.

LED light saber

A major favorite were the light sabers, which were made with a combination of laser-cut wood (thanks to Mike, Dept. of Making + Doing Program Manager) LED strips and microchips from Adafruit, with the engineering and programming know-how of one of our teachers, Tim Bieniosek.

The light sabers had a great effect for the light painting or laser graffiti we set up, but the regular mini flash light also produced some great results.

You can see all the photos on our flickr page. Thanks again to everyone who made it out!



Giant light squiggle




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