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Good Clean Fun had at Sex Toy Workshop

Yesterday we hosted our first workshop on hacking sex toys and we had a wonderful and diverse turnout. The workshop started with people talking about ideas they had about toys to make. People were encouraged to use the parts available, bike tires to make harnesses, plastic eggs with tiny motors to make vibrators, or take parts from other things like a tape deck to make their ideas happen. A great bonus was that all participants received tickets to the play “In the Next Room” currently running at the Wilma Theater with a collection of antique vibrators on display in the lobby, which has been nominated for a Tony and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Participants agreed that the workshop was a fun and rare event to talk about sex in a respectful and curious way, and then get busy making stuff! We already have ideas for how we could run the workshop again featuring micro-controllers and other fun stuff. If you’re interested, leave a comment here or on the class page with suggestions.

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  1. bernieS

    It was a great workshop! Very relaxed atmosphere and everyone got creative and made interesting toys with the supplied materials. Some people brought their own toys they modified for better performance or which were improvised from everyday materials. It was good fun, and it proves this kind of workshop can be very successful.

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