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Glam Out Your Pumpkin

Next week will be our final Halloween post!! I have been doing a lot of costume posts, but let’s not forget the classic porch accessories.  Below you will find a new twist on the old, how to make your pumpkin look great without carving into it.

So, maybe you want to save your pumpkin this year to use it in some kind of baked/cooked dish, or maybe you just want it to hang around a little while longer before the commercial dump truck of the holidays us on sensory overload directly after Halloween.   Or maybe you simply have run out of time and need a quick way to glitz up your porch before the trick or treaters hit it.  Whatever the reason, I thought it would be fun to share some alternative, no-carve pumpkin decorations that are equally as fun to do.  You get to use some creative talents you may have been storing, or get to use it for something instead of just scooping out the insides and then letting it rot on your porch for the pigeons.  🙂

Consider taking your Halloween porch decor to another (green) level!!

Below are some pics of my faves, but here is a link to the site where I found them, plus even more:

For the smaller pumpkins, how about flipping them over and making cupcakes?


For Stranger Things fans, and those who want the nostalgic glow of a Jack o Lantern, here ya go:



My personal fave, the flash tattooed pumpkin.  If you want that creepy yet sophisticated look:


And, finally, for Pokeman fans everywhere, turn your medium sized pumpkins into Pokeman balls.  Go!


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