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Electronics, Data, Code: How to Be Creative with Technology, Aug 7-11

Learn the fundamentals of computer programming by building your own electronic devices!

Want to add new features to household appliances? Make art that can interact with an audience? Create small computing devices that free you from your screen and keyboard? Measure data about your environment and display it for easy viewing? Build a robot to take over the world? In this course you will learn how to build and write the code to run inside of fun and creative projects such as sound-sensitive lights, backyard wildlife trackers and air quality monitors, drone data loggers, electronic musical instruments, and more!

This course aimed at anyone interested in learning the art of writing code, no prior programming experience necessary. We also welcome experienced programmers who would like to learn more about circuits and embedded programming in C++ using the Arduino environment. Ages 13 and up.

All materials are provided, and at the end of the week participants will leave with an interactive computing device of their own creation.

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More about the Instructor:

Timothy Bieniosek is a professional software engineer and computer science and design educator. His interests include embedded systems and physical computing, designing web applications, wearable electronics and e-textiles, geographical information systems and data visualization, as well as creative computing in the realms of interactive art and music.

A limited number of $250 scholarships are available for this course. Our selection committee will prioritize scholarship awards to practicing artists, educators, and others who are under-represented in STEM fields.

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This is part of The Hacktory’s Summer Hardware Bootcamp Series, supported by StartupPHL. Each weekly session runs in the evenings from Sunday through Friday. Be sure to check out our entire list of the Summer Bootcamp Series.

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