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Easy and amazing glow in the dark flowers!!

Hello All!

In the spirit of Halloween, I am going to try and post fun projects that relate to the notorious DIY holiday. This one in particular caught my eye while searching the instructables page.  These flowers glow in the dark flowers are so beautiful, eerie, and the perfect accent for any weird and ethereal costume.  Seems all you need is a hi lighter, some water, white flowers, and some time.  They recommend white carnations but it appears that white roses and daisies also work!

Read below!

What we’re essentially going to do is make them fluorescent. To do this we get a fluorescent highlighter and open it up to get the foam ink cartridge. Then squeeze a few drops of the ink into a cup of water. Place the base of a white carnation flower into the solution and cut the stem underneath.

Leave the flower overnight for the solution to absorb through.

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The next day, simply shine an ultraviolet light onto the flower to cause the fluorescent dye to glow.

In this video we make white carnation flowers glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Here is the video link below if you want some visual instruction.  Thanks for reading!!  🙂

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